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The goal of early childhood education should be to activate
the child's own natural desire to learn.

Infants (6 weeks – 18 months)

From birth, babies are marvelous learners, immediately investigating the
sights, sounds, and feel of the world. In our classrooms, each child develops
a sense of being a separate, independent self, which comes from being
treated as an important individual.

Our Montessori curriculum provides infants with a safe, rich world full of
opportunities for active exploration and enjoyment through hearing,
feeling, touching, and moving. Their world at our school is filled with
responsive interactions and language: many conversations with others,
books (for even the youngest babies), songs, and lots of listening and
responding to their vocalizations.

Spanish, music including Music Together, baby sign language and early
literacy activities enrich our infants’ daily experiences.

Toddler (18 months – 3 years)

Man pursues education with greatest intensity during the first three years of life. To this period, more than to any other, it is imperative to give active care”, said Maria Montessori.

This is an important step out into the wider world as active learners and problem-solvers. Through competence, children develop genuine confidence and a sense of who they are in the world.


As the foundation stone of Montessori education, the primary experience supports the child’s natural inclination to seek out and master a wide array of life skills and cognitive abilities.

Our hands-on learning approach includes curriculum areas important and relevant to this particular stage of the child’s development: We offer, language, mathematics, sensorial, practical life, cultural studies, geography, botany, zoology, history.

Lower Elementary Program (6 - 9 years)

The Lower Elementary classrooms are abundantly equipped with Montessori material for developmentally appropriate hands-on learning which leads the child through concrete experiences to the understanding of abstract thought.

The students are in a self-pacing program and lessons and are given individually and progress is assessed through teacher observation and one-on-one discussion

Extended Care


To serve the needs of families and children, Riverstone Montessori provides morning and afternoon from 6.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. Monday through Friday throughout the school year.

Infants through sixth graders are offered age-appropriate activities and environments that complement our academic programs. High-energy play and games, creative arts and materials, and quiet corners for homework help.

Summer Program

Here at Riverstone Montessori we believe that the learning never stops! Through our summer camp, we ensure that your child’s summer is filled with fun and education as we help them explore the world around them.

Museum trips, themed activities and fun events fill the hot summer days to make sure that what children learn in the classroom is reinforced.

Our summer camp will make sure that your child’s summer is extraordinary!

Education support team

The Educational Support team at Riverstone Montessori School consists of a part-time Speech/Language Therapist, a Reading/Literacy Specialist and a School Psychologist.

The team collaborates with parents and teachers to address the needs of students who might require additional assistance through a variety of intervention options. The services are designed to support participation and success in his/her regular classroom environment.