Admission FAQ’s

Our Hours of Operation are from 6:30am-6:30pm, Monday-Friday.
Our tuition is based on the program you choose and the schedule.
No, the Montessori curriculum is a unique way of teaching along with specially designed Montessori materials. Teachers should be Montessori trained and certified in order to be in a full Montessori environment.
Tuition is paid monthly or in full for the school year.
Each school year begins in August and ends in May, during the summer we offer a fun summer camp for children up to the age of 12.
No, we currently utilize a catering company called The Simply Fresh Kitchen. Should parents decide not to participate we encourage parents to pack a healthy lunch for their child. Parents provide snacks and lunch for children enrolled in the Infant program. A few times each year, families with students enrolled in the Toddler and Early Childhood programs will receive a list of groceries to purchase to bring for the classroom snack. As part of the Practical Life lessons in the class, students will prepare snack each day.
Parents of children with diagnosed allergies or asthma are required to provide the school with an individualized health care plan, signed by the child’s medical provider.
Several forms of communication are used to meet the needs of our families. These include emails, phone calls, monthly newsletters, written documentation, parent/teacher conferences, ProCare App, Facebook, and Instagram, a photo/video sharing app so parents can catch glimpses of the work their children are completing.
Yes, uniforms are purchased thru the school or online portal.
Each parent is a vital part of the school. There are opportunities throughout the year to participate including planning school-wide parties, fundraising, sewing, carpentry, gardening and material making. A sign-up sheet is available upon enrollment. There are many ways for parents to become involved at Riverstone Montessori.
The daily schedule depends on the program that your child is enrolled in as well as the age group.
At RMS, your child’s and our staff’s privacy is of utmost importance. If you can see it, a hacker or anyone else can too. However, we encourage parents to come and watch their child on our school TV, located in our lobby.
All parents use a biometric system to sign in and out each day. The front door is always locked, only authorized personal use a code to enter the building. Parents must authorize family members and friends to pick up children.